The forthcoming is a list of theories I have been developing since young adulthood. The expansion of said theories is hindered by my intellectual ineptitudes and inability to perform mental gymnastics in the areas of physics and mathematics. Suggestions are warmly welcomed.
  1. UFOs/extraterrestrials sightings are *really*
    time-traveling humans from the future who have come to the present to observe their prehistoric ancestors.
  2. The planet earth...
    is *actually* a giant cell, where the components of the earth (i.e. humans, cars, water, etc,) parallel the components of what we know as cells (i.e. ribosomes, mitochondria, chloroplasts, etc.).
  3. Dreams are...
    your authentic life. Your seemingly "waking" life is the dream. Get it?
    @savannahstutzman I'm curious as to your perspective on the "spirit world." Although I have many theories, my reigning hypothesis centers around a blurring - or rather overlapping - of time realms and dimensions. Discuss.