I may have seen them, but I don't remember major plot points or famous quotes everyone else seems to know. I say I've seen them, but have I? I think so? Maybe?
  1. Star Wars
    The legit ones. I know I saw the crappy Jar Jar ones and I *think* I must've seen the classics, but I don't recall ever seeing "Luke, I am your father." I feel like I'd remember that.
  2. Shawshank Redemption
    Prison, right?
  3. Rocky(s)
    I remember the Eye Of The Tiger scene and "Steeeellllaaaaa" but not much else which leads me to believe that maybe I've just seen lot of inspiring movie montages.
  4. Gone with the Wind
    I'm from the South. I must've seen it. I've probably seen it. What happens again? They fall in love. Drink sweet tea? That Rhett Butler guy says something romantic, I think.