1. Dry Clean Only
    I don't believe in dry cleaning, unless sequins are involved. Everything else, goes in the washing machine. I don't like paying someone to give me my own clothes back.
  2. NSA Surveillance
    I know I'm supposed to be mad that the govt spies on me but, meh.
  3. Cars
    Colors, makes, models, upgrades, eh whatever. Is it safe, semi-normal looking, and can get me from point A to B?
  4. Game of Thrones
    I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Sorry. I will. Probably.
  5. Baseball
    Call me un-American, but those games are so long. Cut it to 5 innings and I'll be a super fan.
  6. Halloween for Adults
    Let's just let the kids have this one, y'all.