I live and breathe HIMYM.
  1. Barney Stinson
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    My favorite character out of all shows I've ever watched. Legendary to say the least. There's basically 2 types of people: the people who love Barney&Robin together, and the people who love Ted&Robin together. I am a die-hard Barney&Robin shipper personally.
  2. Ted Mosby
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    Such a genuine guy. Although my heart was torn to shreds when Barney and Robin divorced, I guess it's okay because Ted ended up being happy. "First of all, my parents live in Ohio. I live in the moment" BTW if you liked Victoria and Ted together, you're dead to me. Honorable Mention: Breakup Beard Ted
  3. Marshall Erickson
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    Easily the most lovable and adorable character. His little quirks are so sweet and he treats everyone so much better than they deserve. He doesn't let anyone walk all over him either though. LAWYERED.
  4. Robin Scherbatsky
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    Awesome. Robin is just so awesome. Her and Barney together were seemingly unstoppable, too bad they both had commitment issues. The best moments were when her and Barney were annihilating 10 year olds in laser tag. The Robin Sparkles episode is NO DOUBT the best episode, I've seen it 10 times probably and I still laugh the same amount as I did the first time I watched it.
  5. Lily Aldrin
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    I hate that Lily left Marshall to go to San Francisco to paint which ended up being a big fail anyways, karma. But she's just so petite and cute, it's hard to not love her. She has also had about 50 different hairstyles throughout the seasons.
  6. Tracy McConnell
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    Many people may hate me for putting the dead wife at the bottom of the list, but she was only in what seemed like 3 episodes! I wasn't really feeling her anyways, the ending was spoiled for me so I knew she was going to die so I didn't allow myself to get attached.