Words that make my skin crawl. ( Keeping it mostly clean, version.)

  1. Clergy.
    Not for its meaning, but because it sounds very close to orgy and that is just wrong a several levels.
  2. Panties.
    Children wear panties, adults wear underwear.
  3. Furbaby.
    I love animals, but this word gives me the creeps. Can't handle the imagery.
  4. Cock.
    To me, harsh and disrespectful to roosters and male genitalia everywhere.
  5. Bologna.
    Because its not boloney.
  6. Moist.
    Nobody likes this word.
  7. Bae.
    Just lazy.
  8. Pneumonia.
    Because you always have to spell it in your head before you write it.
  9. Cunt.
    Derogatory, harsh. Hate this word.
  10. Therapist.
    Because of the rapist factor.