Some of my favorite places in the world
  1. Grand Canyon - I've hiked it and camped in it. Next is Rim-to-rim-to-rim run
  2. Yosemite - Hiked and Camped. I really should go there more especially since I live in the same state
  3. Bryce Canyon - Great place to hike. Awesome views
  4. Joshua Tree - Great place for rock climbing. I did more hiking and camping here. A lilttle hot in the summer but a lot less crowded
  5. Organ Pipe National Monument - Love this place. Hiked and Camped. If you are looking for a quiet place this is it!
  6. Saguaro Nationl Park (East and West) - These Cacti will amaze you. Lots of wildlife.
  7. Arivipa Canyon - One of my best scecrets. In one day, I saw Big Horned Sheep, Coati Mundi, Mule Deer all within hours apart.
  8. Zion - Great views.
  9. Arches National Park - Camped out there and woke up to snow all over the ground. I remember it being very quiet