For some unknown reason I cannot part with the 9,884 (and growing daily) screenshots on my phone. And I wonder why it lags. And freezes. And gives up iPhone'ing every so often. I consider myself a digital hoarder and being a hoarder of any sort is the absolute worst but being a digital hoarder is borderline shameful. I screenshot some weird shit.
  1. Rav-Babe
    Tastemade's snapchat stories are probably my favorite brand stories I watch. Recently, they've added this VERY attractive man who was making raviolis in just an apron and I took not 1, not 2 but 3 screenshots of him mid-ravioli'ing because.. handsome.
  2. Static
    I met Trey Songz once with my best friend Gina and now every time I see something Trey Songz related (or Trey Songz shirtless because let's be real his body is absolutely ridiculous) I screenshot it and send it to Gina because it's still funny. I wasn't dressed properly and it was in the middle of a work day and we just had the most fun time.