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Spent a night at the airport with my brother and sister due to an early flight and being cheap
  1. first hour
    a little bit of Netflixing, listening to music and podcasts to eventually just get tired. we are all still positive that in the next 30min we will be sound asleep. a bit of background music is blaring from somebody else's headphones.
  2. sleeping position #1: stretched out on the bench
    pros': legs can be comfortably extended, arms can be tugged under or hang lose. cons': body parts keep on oddly falling in between spaces. turning around takes way too much effort so you just stay in that same position until every possible part of your body fell asleep.
  3. sleeping position #2: air mattress and sleeping bag
    let me explain! we weren't too sure yet at first if security would be cool with people sleeping at the airport so we didn't want to go all out with getting comfy but after a while we didn't care anymore. so now we got the comfy and warm part going for us. stepping up the game
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  1. These bags
    And I <3 T-Shirts....and Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts
  2. Dying your bangs in multiple different colors
  3. Overalls
    Used to wear them all the time. Still think they are cool though
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This list is dedicated to the one and only Nicholas Aaron Kraft.
  1. Little miss sunshine
  2. He always wins at games (except for Ping Pong). So you better make sure you got him on your team
  3. Great beatboxing skills
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What 16 year old me experienced in small town West Texas.
  1. Cowboys aren't just a thing in movies. They exist and they are EVERYWHERE
  2. It becomes socially acceptable to enjoy country music
  3. Dr. Pepper > Coke
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