1. These bags
    And I <3 T-Shirts....and Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirts
  2. Dying your bangs in multiple different colors
  3. Overalls
    Used to wear them all the time. Still think they are cool though
  4. Hats
    I used to have this one hat that I would constantly be wearing. If I wanted to look super cool I would combine it with my surfer necklace #fashionqueen
  5. Slide phones with an extra keyboard on the side
  6. Tattoo necklaces
    I can't believe those are actually cool again. Here is a picture of me wearing one. You may laugh.
  7. Wearing your bagpack as low as possible
    If you couldn't feel it on your ass, it wasn't low enough
  8. Drawing on your Converse
  9. Stuffed animals on your keychain
    Also having lots of keys on your keychain
  10. Wearing matching cloths with my best friend