What 16 year old me experienced in small town West Texas.
  1. Cowboys aren't just a thing in movies. They exist and they are EVERYWHERE
  2. It becomes socially acceptable to enjoy country music
  3. Dr. Pepper > Coke
  4. On a Friday night there is nothing but Football
  5. You constantly feel like somebody's holding a blow dryer right in your face
  6. Small towns raise professional gossip girls...and boys
  7. Eating Ranch dressing on everything
  8. Sonic has the best grilled cheese sandwiches
  9. Texas Tech > Longhorns
  10. The word vegetarian doesn't exist in their vocabulary
    "I am a vegetarian." - "Oh, I will just make you some chicken then"
  11. Yes, we do have phones in Germany, and Internet, and TV's and cars...and no, I didn't drive here.
  12. Y'all is a word
  13. Walking to places isn't a thing