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  1. My best lists are actually list requests I sent to other people
  2. If the sun burns the earth or earth just explodes after the eclipse, it wouldn't be the worst thing
  3. Borny should be a word
    Borny: adj - bored + horny e.g "I was so borny that I reupload tinder."
Hi remember when li.st was here to cheer you up? It's still is. I'm guessing you're all feeling bad so... group hug anyone ?
  1. Yes!
    A group hug definitely doesn't hurt right now.
    Suggested by   @mayla
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    Will I die alone ?
    Is she alive? Am I giving up on her or did she gave up on herself?
    Im definitely gonna die alone
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  1. Drink a glass of wine
  2. Eat a dessert
  3. Download tinder.
    Send help.
  1. Multimasking
  2. L'Oréal huile en lait
    It took me 29 years but I finally found something for curly dry hair ! (I'm not paid by L'Oréal for this list)
  3. Citrate de betaine
    Life savior if you ate too much or drank too much.
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  1. 1.
    Want to text @jeremysomething
    I do that sober too tho
  2. 2.
    Talk to myself
  3. 3.
    Talk to myself out loud
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@jessknuckey is very talented y'all ! Also I'm sorry the US is such a mess and I was able to do that parody in the first place. (But please like and share it)
  1. That time a wannabe writer whined about no being able to get any writing scholarship because he didn't fit the diversity scholarships conditions because you know, life is too hard and unfair when you're straight and white.
  2. That time when playing celebrities at a friend's another guest complained that we put Britney twice. He put Eisenhower and complains that we are all over 25 so really we could do better.
    My revenge was when he didn't even know who Freddie Mercury was.
  3. That time when he said he didn't really like it when women used the word "feminist"
    Because it portrayed an image of male hating, "butch" women who, let's face it, were just bitter from not being laid
    Suggested by   @karlalucia
A running list
  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. No
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