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  1. So I'm officially a social media manager
    I'm not a regular SMM I'm a cool SMM
  2. As we're a small team, I can like the journalists pitch some subjects or topics
  3. One got approved. Then made it to editing room. And a final go to be publish approval
    (Each step being usually a potential "no")(some videos got canceled once finished)
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This should be a private list, right ? (My tank top was too décolleté but at least I didn't stain my top so basically I'm winning even when it doesn't sound like it)
  1. Bread crust
  2. Tomato sauce
  3. Chocolate
  4. Nuts in said chocolate
  1. Director
    I will end up directing a few, as well as as the producer, but the pilot was shot by Samantha Bee
  2. Producer
    Jude Apatow would be afraid to be stuck with chubby Jewish girls so he passed. I was too fan struck to pitch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey but then I realized that's not even them I wanted but Rachel Dratch
  3. Broadcast
    Pilot shot for NBC that didn't pick us but it's so much better for us to be on Amazon now
  4. Cast
    I'm casting me as myself and I'm not even ashamed of it. Casting tbd but all the Community main cast will guest at some point, Retta will be my boss, I'll have a will they won't they moment of with Dev Patel, Bill Hader and a white Jewish boy because of course. (My close friends girls gang will be break out actresses from around the world)
  1. You wouldn't understand
  2. I don't want to do a grouped gift this year
  3. I don't drink that much tea, please stop nicely offer me tea when you come back from holidays or for Christmas or just like that, I have enough tea to make it til 2020
  1. Local news channel ? State videos ? News podcast ? Not too famous shows etc ? Nice report about someone or an association ? Anything that goes unnoticed you think should be noticed ? Hit me !
    Politics, activism sport, pop culture, check my new job page: we basically do short news videos : Fun fact about my new job : you can see it but my mother can't
  2. Not sure if this counts as mainstream but The New York Times runs this weekly newsletter called The Interpreter which does a great job of breaking down the story of the week in a lot of detail and provides context and history and such. And also Quartz is a great app which gives fun bite sized updates!
    Suggested by   @reallybadtiming
  3. I swear by Quartz
    The app is great in its minimalism and quirkiness, but the newsletter is also incredible. It's the only media newsletter I subscribe to. (Has a Spanish version, as well, and a lifestyle newsletter, too.) http://www.qz.com
    Suggested by   @Jaycer17
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  1. No; I'm not doing porn.
  2. I'm working for a new video news media call Brut, which is launching in the U.S
  3. We are going to cover subjects we care about, with hopefully a fresh tone.
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I realize 2/3 of this list aren't things but people but I'm sure they won't mind. I guess this is more of a thank you list 💕
  1. For real, so i wasn't scouted on list like I thought I would, (I mean scouted on list was the new scoured at the mall right ?!) BUT anyway I told about it and the fact that I wrote +600 posts in English helped in proving that I could do an English only job
  2. Almost a year ago she fight with/for me to stop me from denigrating my English level and told me that I was indeed bilingual and I should call myself that. Definitely helped me in many ways included daring to candidate at said job that was originally for someone with English as native language
  3. When I was hysterical as I had to make a phonecall in English (I mean... make a phonecall in general plus my oral English felt rusty) I had the best warm up convo and then the professional one after went so great
  1. I know this day hurts your feminism, don't worry it's gonna be ok: I turned eye rolling into fun !
  2. You can also share it on twitter to fill the emptiness of my soul with likes and rts https://twitter.com/lisa_fav/status/839136698718121984
  1. The taste of cheeseburgers and chicken / be a vegetarian
  2. Pride and denial / cry
  3. My issues / love
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