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I was just gonna do a french election 101 but Jess LRed it that way.
  1. The basics: France has a direct voting election, in two rounds*, for a 5 years term
    *any candidate that had more than 500 signatures by national and local elected officials can be a candidate. First round has all the candidate, then the two with more votes face off in round 2. / round 1 is today and round 2 is on May 7th
  2. Here we go for 2017
  3. I made a less than 2 minutes videos summing up the candidates here https://www.facebook.com/Brutlive/videos/1727874190844426/
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  1. Met People that became your best friends
  2. Meant a lot to you for awhile
  3. People that didn't go can't get it
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Inspired by @Nicholas telling us about Meiku or whatever it was named. Download FaceApp and see yourself old,young,gender swap, forced to smiled and hot.
  1. Here's my natural/ fake smile/ boy and hot one
  2. FYI it's hard to stop
    I think they're telling me I have naturally a baby face
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Good ol' lisa shared some wisdom, have a seat
  1. To stop a conversation with a rude seller on the phone
    Obviously you won't waste money on their crap so don't waste your time (if interested slide into my dms for the story of how I wanted to by my bff ballet lessons for her birthday)
  2. Stop calling 'friends' people that never ask YOU how you're doing
    Are you forcing a friendship on someone who obviously don't care about you ? Then stop. Friendships aren't on sided. They're not necessarily bad people, they're just not into you (ok sometimes they're bad and mean and stupid who wouldn't want to be your friend?)
  3. Know what I worth
    Literally and figuratively. Ask for the pay I want is always awkward. Know what I worth professionally and personally isn't
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  1. An Australian, a Brit, an American and a French join an app
    This is like the start of a bad racist joke I swear it ain't one
  2. Then they follow each other and interact a bit
  3. They even follow each other's on another social media platform
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Hi I'm in a bad place and very vulnerable rn not that I want to influence you / inspired by someone that obviously meant what do you think of me
  1. Fab, funny, French feminist. Also I think of you when people say the word boobs. 😘💞
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  2. Anti-Brexit babe with boobs
    Funny in French, and eloquent in English.
    Suggested by   @Diplomatic_diva
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Seriously what is this bullshit coming from lucky people that never seem to have regrets ?! I'm only 28 and I have tons of them and it's ok and normal and yes you can learn from some and sometimes you don't learn and sometimes the only lesson you get from them is that life sucks and is unfair
  1. 1.
    Staying silent when I was boiling inside
  2. 2.
    Not asking more questions before to people I've lost now
  3. 3.
    Error of judgement in people's
    Both bad > right and right > bad sides
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  1. Granted
    Nobody did that one already ?
  2. French
  3. Really french
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  1. Michael = Trump
    Racist and sexism thinking he is not. Most likely to buy a best président mug for themselves.
  2. Jane = Pence
    Actual boss; insane and can't admit she secretly wanna fuck Michael
  3. Ryan = Ivanka
    From temp to getting a out of the blue promotion to major job they have no experience for
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  1. 1.
    Her new friends she can't wait to play golf with
  2. 2.
    The "garde rapprochée" (close guards) aka the best friends she had for 20/30 years or even 40 or 50 years that are like family
  3. 3.
    Her cousins
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