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  1. People on their computer in the metro
  2. Two broke girls
  3. Love
  4. +70 yo men coloring their hair dark black or maybe it's just me, I have more white hair than them
  1. Yin to Jeremy's Yang
  2. Pet animals and water flowers shall there have some
  3. Découpages and papier mâché
  4. Professional cuddlist or should I say... cuddli.st
    Just lay on a couch and when other people feels like needing some cuddles they come at @Nicholas (FYI cuddlist is A REAL JOB OK http://www.businessinsider.fr/uk/professional-cuddling-real-business-one-on-one-session-cuddlist-cuddle-2017-6/ ) (Nicholas, Jeremy didnt send that request innocently, go give him hugs and cuddles)
  1. 1.
    I kinda knew America before. Now I know the real one and its flaws and social injustices and many more
  2. 2.
    Many words and concept to help me be a better feminist
  3. 3.
    That I'm bilingual
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Usually words that don't really have equivalent in french
  1. 4.
    For the reason given in the description mostly
  2. 3.
    We can kinda translate it to 'gênant' but not really. Also it's very 10 years ago; I know, but that's when and how I started speaking English fluently so it reminds me of that period
  3. 2.
    It sounds just like what it means!!
  4. 1.
    Seriously this is the best world ever!! And not because it means breast, i don't like talking about breasts BUT DAMN I LOVE TALKING ABOUT BOOBS. Boobs is the best word. It makes me so happy ! The letters, the sound ! Awww boobs 4 life!!!
Im not even sorry for this @jeremysomething @jessknuckey
  1. A follow up to yesterday's I'm drunk and wise, AMA
  2. But I'm drunk so now what?
    Suggested by   @DawnCloud
  3. You know everything until planets align (aka we meet again and get drunk together)
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  1. Ready to share my wisdoms, AMA
    Related: dear @jessknuckey @jeremysomething @DawnCloud @LeahG sorry for the texts To come
  2. Do you have cans of wine taped to your hands?
    Suggested by   @jeremysomething
  3. Oh hi @jeremysomething I didn't see you there! I don't have wine cans but I have a magnum of rosé and lots of rhum Thanks for asking
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  1. Seriously my heart exploded and I love this gentleman so much already it's ridiculous. I've been saying the word nephew for a week now and it's always this awesome yet surreal feeling. So hello, meet Simon.
    to respect the parents want of privacy while conflicted with the personal urge to share pictures, a thesis.
Pictures I didn't take but did spot THE MOMENT
  1. Sushis delivery guy and old posh old lady, waiting under a door's porch while it rains
  2. The sacré cœur half hidden, still under the rain too
  3. Father running while holding his 5 to 6 yo daughter, wearing only a white t-shirt and skirt, crying a lot, probably because of the rain
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