1. What a waste that no one will see how cute the bra I'm wearing now is
    Bought 2 bras in marks and Spencer London last week-end which is the best boob friendly place to buy actually cute bras, but I have no one to show it too, I don't even post bra Picts on snapchat WHATS THE POINT ON BEING ON SOCIAL MEDIAS THEN ?!
  2. I so fucking prefer a front plain asshole / pretentious/ bitch than someone pretending to be something he/she is not
    Like for ex fake nice and open minded person
  3. I'm too drunk to make that kind of list
    And by that kind of list I means a list with words
  4. Oh I almost forgot ! Happy birthday @lesbian ! Seriously I wish I was like you at your age NO I WISH I WAS LIKE YOU AT MY AGE
  5. It's was so cold today
    Never said my thoughts would be interesting
  6. Who are the people not following @DawnCloud @LeahG and @jessicaz ?! Are they happy with their life ?!
  7. I'm pretty sure there's a before and after LEMONADE but not just for Beyoncé FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD
  8. I must do the cake tomorrow morning or I won't have time before diner
    Actually using list app for to do list
  9. I can't believe I made it to the 9th despite all the white and rosé
    But I'll post that list without proof reading so please excuse my mistakes and thanks to the autocorrect for actually being useful tonight (hashtag so many typos so little time)
  10. But really my bra is so cute