1. 1. The more gastronomic : Dessance
    Chef "carte Blanche" menu from 36 to 50 euros ; they also have a lunch menu at 26€ !
  2. Their concept is no artificial sugar and yet lots of sweet and savory meals but with natural sugar (from fruits, nuts, vegetables)
  3. Their specialty is the vegetal menu : only sweat and savory cold meal (for example the ladies near us who took it had a peas and strawberry plate!)
  4. We took the menu in between : 1 savory hot meal + 3 sweet and savory vegetal plates (plus 2 desserts, 1 amuse Bouche to start and on to finish)
    All those meal for 44€ (well 2 desserts not 3 but they didn't serve us all the same one so we got to taste them all!)
  5. The menu change almost every days ! You get to see the chefs working
    Here's my top 3 of meals I had :
  6. This was the hot meal : veal smoked in Phoenix (it's like a palm tree not related to Dumbledore, we asked) in sage sauce with spinach, asparagus and oils crumble
  7. This is the tomato and mozzarella with basilic ice cream
  8. This was pretty crazy : corn mousse/soup with apricot and sorel mousse
  9. One of the dessert I preferred is this strawberry and macadamia nuts creme brûlée with cream and cumin mousse
  10. We also had amuses bouches, a chocolate pretzel and lemon dessert and a Norwegian omelette
    All in all an incredible restaurant , a culinary experiment I really had new taste in my mouth, highly recommend it but maybe not for everyone ? (Yo @eatthelove i'll take you and AJ there !!)
  11. 2. The most fun : Privé de dessert
    Starters and meals look like desserts and dessert look like meals !!
  12. We had the coffee gourmand for started
    Mini version of all their starters : vegetables eclair, fish mousse Mille feuillette, salmon with avocados and wasabi, chicken Cesar sauce cheesecake and I forgot what the last one was but it was like a pastry Chou
  13. I had a "Baba au Rhum"
    Which actually was fish cake, shrimp and the whipped cream is pastis !
  14. @online had a "Saint Honoré and churros"
    Which actually was a burger and fries ! (Also we made fun of so called foodies that night so I'm sorry for this list)
  15. Her sister has an "apple pie"
    Aka Zucchinis salmon and potatoes (my pic isn't very good tho)
  16. And even crazier the desserts ! Those spaghetti a la carbonara ?
    Are a lemon pie
  17. And this charcuterie plate ?!
    I don't eat charcuterie so it's not saucisson and ham.. but I do eat... CHOCOLATE AND CRÊPES AND PISTACHIO FINANCIER !
  18. This is clearly for everybody, not too expensive as we shared starters and desserts and the meals are around 15€
  19. 3. The trendy one that is actually good : EAST MAMMA
    They also have other spot (big mamma ; ober mamma) : an Italian place but it can be tricky to get in as they're always full. I was a bit skeptical as its trendy and full of posh or hipsters but spoiler alert IT WAS SO GOOD
  20. Their burrata looks like a double D silicon boobs
  21. Being fearless I had the PIZZA BURRATA
  22. Even the vegetable, mozza and watermelon salads was great
  23. And we shared a tiramisu that was so great
  24. So Cleary a good Italian... If you can get in ! And not expensive for a trendy place !