Inspired by @franksars lists® of course.
  1. When you're a BADASS and you know it 💣
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  2. When your friend is acting way too needy in a bar
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  3. When your friend's an idiot and won't admit he's wrong
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  4. When you're high
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  5. When you don't know what to say. And still high.
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  6. When people are rude
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  7. When you feel like playing accordéon
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  8. When you're angry
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  9. When you're confused
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  10. When you love puppies !!!
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  11. When you don't care
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  12. When someone's wrong
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  13. When someone's annoying
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  14. When someone feels bad for you
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  15. When someone asks you how you feel
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  16. When you feel hot af
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  17. When you just don't care
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  18. When you're VERY mad
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  19. When a tease you've been flirting pretends to not be interested
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  20. When you shouldn't. But you know you want to
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  21. When ya feel like meditating
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  22. When you're still waiting for your drink to arrive
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  23. When you just want to get some fresh air
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  24. When you're lost and you just need a straight answer.
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  25. When you want to kill someone
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  26. When you sing too badly to make a sexy move at a karaoke but still wanna use singing to flirt
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  27. When you wanna say Bisou.
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  28. When you dared smoking in front of your mum
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  29. When you send an awesome, thoughtful, original gift
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  30. When you know.. You're horny AF and just want Don Draper to take you right here right now
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