Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. Why can't I turn off whatsapp
  2. Why can't I turn off
  3. Why can't I turn off my phone
  4. Why I am I too lazy to get up and close my shutters
  5. Why is the world a terrible place to live and yet the best place to live as people here are so dumb and terrible human beings and yet there's still hope but really is there I don't know anymore because what is life really after all we're just another brick in the wall right, so what should we do about that can we do anything really as nothing
    Never Really change and yet everything changes so fast but I don't know anymore, what I am and where I am is it what I want to be and where I want to be I don't really know, I guess nobody does or maybe they do, but how do people that know knows, will I ever know what they know or could I know that I know cause really maybe you can be at that place when you can see it for yourself and also why didn't I install electric blinds on my bay window there's too much light and also I need more charact