A longer version of that list MY FAVORITE PLACES IN PARIS - BY A NOT RUDE NOR POSH PARISIAN Maybe you can do a 99 things to do where you live too (I won't lie it was long to do that one) but I felt the need to celebrate Paris recently
  1. Me
    Hahaha ok I had to
  2. Hunt at Le Louvre
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    Just heard about that ! It's available in English so for tourists with kids that can be handy ! (There are different companies doing that treasure hunt things for 2 or 3 hrs, price usually doesn't include the museum tickets)
  3. Musée d'Orsay
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    The inside is 😍 (arts and architecture itself)
  4. Centre Pompidou
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    A Modern art museum that looks like it's still under construction but isn't. Usually having killer temporary exhibition, so be careful with the queue and take your ticket in advance on their website
  5. Visit the Opera Garnier
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    Don't limit yourself to the outside, you can visit it and it's as splendid as you could dream of. The ballet room roof is paint by Chagall and the terrace is magical
  6. Musee d'Art Moderne
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    The Paris "MOMA" is in front of the Eiffel Tower so basically even if you don't like the art, take a coffee at their restaurant for the view. They just reopened the museum after some renovations, I didn't get to see it yet but according to my bff it's good.
  7. Yeah ok I get it go see the Eiffel Tower
    I'm pretty sure I might go to jail if I don't mention her. (Eiffel tower is a she please) I think I told that in the previous list but again if you want to climb it book your tickets before !
  8. Cité des sciences
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    I used to love it when I was a kid ! There's sciences related games and exhibitions and lots of things again kid friendly
  9. Notre Dame
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    Say hello to Quasimondo for me ! (Pretty easy to get inside btw I don't remember waiting much when I was with tourists friends I was surprised)
  10. Musée de la Mode
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    Fashion museum in Paris ? How cliché ? Also just reopened and actually 2 minutes walk from the MOMA ! Check what's currently exhibited I was a bit disappointed once
  11. Arc de Triomphe / place de l'étoile
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    Here's the thing: we don't care about the Champs Elysées except for their start and finish.
  12. Fall in love Place de La Concorde
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    Yep no other way possible
  13. Be amazed at Le Grand Palais
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    No matter what's in it its always incredible: fun fair, xxl exhibition, old time "open air" cinema in cars, that's also where Lagerfeld do all the Chanel shows now and once at one of it, Prince fell in love with the place and asked to play a concert there the next day !!
  14. Lose your breath climbing Montmartre (or you can take "le funiculaire")
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  15. See the sunrise at Sacre Coeur
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    Pict from when I was there 2 weeks ago ( @gwcoffey approved 😉)
  16. Once the sun's out go back down to Pigalle night life
    I mean bars and club. But you can go to the sex shops too
  17. Look for your "Je t'aime" in the Wall of Love Place des Abesses
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    (Still in the Montmartre neighborhood)
  18. Musée du quai Branly that features the "art and cultures of Afrique, Asia, Oceania and the Americas
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  19. Or just eat at its rooftop restaurant "Les Ombres"
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  20. Les invalides
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    There's the war museum and a very fancy restaurant (Coste group) called L'esplanade that is my grandma favorite and you can tell she has the best taste
  21. Les catacombes
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    Really not my thing but I know some people find that awesome. Who ? Why ? How ? I don't know. But I respect it.
  22. Musée Rodin
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    It has just reopened after renovation so it's gonna be even more beautiful
  23. Musée Picasso
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    Which is also at the heart of Le Marais
  24. Musée Dali
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    A bit small but nice pieces. In the heart of Montmartre
  25. Bark at the Bois de Vincennes (east of Paris) or Bois de Boulogne (west)
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  26. + if you're in Vincennes 2 bonus : #1 the Chateau
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    And #2 me ! I live there. (Not IN the castle but close to it, come say hello!)
  27. Get lost in Le Marais
    Seriously stop planning everything ! Just walk and be surprised !
  28. Eat the best Ashkenazy food at Florence Kahn Rue des rosiers
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    There's not just falafel in life ! so first see the front of the shop that just so pretty with blue mosaics and then eat. If Florence's here tell her that you come from XXX and you're friend with Lisa Favier 😉 or I can come with you here too
  29. Canal Saint Martin
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    If you feel like Amelie you can do some ricochet on it but if you're a more normal youngish people just do a picnic with lots of wine ! (ATTENTION it has just been emptied for cleaning until APRIL!!)
  30. Enjoy being a tourist on a Bateaux mouche
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    There's no shame it really is an awesome trip ! (Literal translation is fly boat I don't know why)
  31. Musée d'histoire naturelle
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  32. La pagode
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    Historical cinema near Saint Michel. (Check for the movies don't know if it's on "VO")
  33. Drink a chocolate at Cafe de Flore or coffee at Deux Magots thinking you're Sartre and then get lost at Saint Germain
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  34. Have a walk in Le Quartier Latin
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  35. See a FOOTBALL* game at Stade de France or Parc des Princes
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    Stade de France for national France team game and Parc des princes for PSG games *i will not call it any other way
  36. Musée Jacquemart-André
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    Ok another museum where I'm also gonna talk of its restaurant..
  37. Les bouquinistes by the Seine
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    More books library and just bookishy trip here : AWESOME PARIS THINGS TO DO FOR BOOKISH, READER TOURISTS LIKE @ChrisK (obviously @ChrisK thought of requesting that weeks ago)
  38. Claude Monet's Giverny
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    It's around 1h from Paris, there's touristic groups that bring you here or train, car etc. you can see the garden in Midnight in Paris
  39. Chateau de Versailles
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    Yes it is as magnificent as they say. The castle, the gardens, and my favorite is the Marie Antoinette parts, I already talked about it in my first list about Paris but now you can't tell you didn't know
  40. Fast trip from Paris : Normandie or Champagne's region
    Of course for people from the us all trip inside France seems small. But this ain't a list about all France. But from Paris you can easily and quickly drink champagne in Champagne. Or see the D Day beaches in Paris
  41. La coulée verte
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    We invented the Chelsea high line 😉
  42. Picnic aux Buttes Chaumont (popular 19th)
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  43. Or at Parc Monceau (posh in the 8th)
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  44. Jardin du Luxembourg
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    Read a book, hold hands, or do both
  45. Jardin des Tuileries
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    Between the Louvre and the Concorde, you can do the same as written above
  46. Play some pétanque
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    Google "play pétanque in Paris" you'd be surprised of the number of spots !
  47. Take a Vélib
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    Ok be very careful, take the bikes roads when there's some ! (Velib are public bikes)
  48. Dance like no ones watching at Le Bus Palladium.
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    French kiss like no one's watching too 😉😘
  49. If you're into that kind of visits : cimetiere du Pere Lachaise
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    Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust and many others "last home"
  50. Jardin des plantes
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    Botanic parc in the 5th 🌹🌷🌼🌻
  51. Do nothing Place des Vosges
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    I can stay in the herb for hours. There's of course some Macarons that can be involved but best place to talk with your bff while watching a guy play guitar as if he doesn't know he's a hot man playing guitar
  52. Taste red wine
  53. Taste white wine
  54. Taste rosé
  55. Go buy some cheese in a real fromagerie
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  56. Stroll at Saint Ouen flea market
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  57. Crazy shopping at Les grands magasins
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  58. Eat Pierre Hermé Macarons
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  59. Taste so many jams at "La chambre aux confitures"
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    Literally the "room of jams"
  60. See a Musical in english at Theatre du Châtelet
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    Only theater to have those in English !
  61. See a classic play at La comédie française
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    Between Le Louvre and Opera it's a national institution ! Only for French speaker to see the play but everyone can visit it
  62. Listen to some good music at Salle Pleyel
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    I saw Jane Birkin there 2 years ago, so my bucket list is pretty empty now (hello @lgw ) and Coldplay was there 3 weeks ago for a surprise concert ! Mostly jazz and piano concerts, check the program !
  63. Drinks and rock at La maroquinerie or la bellevilloise
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    Both in the same street ! So see which one you prefer (personally it's la maroquinerie: terrace upstairs and concert venue downstairs)
  64. Be a cool kid in summer at Wanderlust/nuba/café barge
    Outdoor bars/clubs by the seine for hipster and fashion kids with good music
  65. Rock concert and exhibition at Point éphémère
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    Good chances that my friend Sofiane is mixing !
  66. Drinks and guacamole at Les Depanneurs
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    Cool place in Pigalle with nice cocktails served in bowl for lots of people (my tipsy list at 3 am eating crepe was the result of a night overthere)
  67. Dancing at the secret L'orphée
    Enter the building (in front of the bus palladium) (don't mix up with the restaurant on the pavement!) and enjoy a very small club that put the best of the 90s or early 00s
  68. Get cheesy at a Musée de la vie romantique
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    Ok ok I get it
  69. So many food to eat at Marché d'aligre
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  70. Get coffee and vinyls at Walrus
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    Yep it's a "disquaire café" !
  71. Walk in Les passages couverts
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    Cute galleries with shops and restaurants
  72. Have a tea nearby Ecole militaire
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  73. Eat in a Grand Restaurant
    I can't name just one, my personal dream is at Thierry Marx mostly because I love the man (google him) but there's so many grands chefs
  74. Manger chez Chartier
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    Classic place !
  75. Drinks at La Recyclerie
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    Very cool place nearby the puces de Saint Ouen
  76. Hide from tourists in the Ile de la cite behind Henri V statue l
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  77. See the Statue of Liberty
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    Because we did offer the biggest one but he kept a small one too
  78. See Paris from parc de Belleville view
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  79. Dreaming of knowing how to sew at Marché Saint Pierre
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  80. Drink and rock (I know again) at L'International
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    You can actually drink in all the rue D'Oberkampf but I love this bar always nice nights (unless the time I didn't go and a friend texted me that my idol (mc Solaar) (see my music list) was there. And I was not. Also, what did he do in that bar ? He's so cool and down to earth
  81. Eat a Nutella tiramisu at Prosper
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    Ok it's very east Paris near my place but it's so good
  82. Get a Starbucks to shut the fuck of pretentious people that say "you are the stupids that drink Starbucks at Paris"
    Be that idiot ! (Except place du Tertre, I'll judge you)
  83. Walk on the Berges sur Seine
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    By day by night, always (picture is Pont Alexandre III) there's tons of bars during summer
  84. Discover the rue cremieux
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    Hidden nearby La Gare de Lyon, feel like nothing hill
  85. Brunch at paperboy
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    No reservations, no seated until the entire party's here. But worth it. (IG @paperboyparis )
  86. Have a drink at Comptoir General
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    Near the canal Saint Martin
  87. Learn about the City at Musée Carnavalet
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    Dedicated the Paris story in the heart of Le Marais and the Palais itself is worth seeing
  88. Eat crepes everywhere at any time
  89. Get Amorino ice cream and walk by the Pont des Arts
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  90. Visit La Sainte Chapelle
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    Just reopened after renovation a Chapelle nearby Notre Dame
  91. Drink some tea at Mariages Freres
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  92. Eat at some famous chef pastries
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    Lignac or Michalak (pict)
  93. Feel poor Place Vendome and rue de La Paix
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    Aka where the expensive things are
  94. See what's currently in Jeu Paume
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    Museum in Tuileries/Concorde mostly with photography exhibitions
  95. Chilling at Champs de Mars
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    Picnic , jam sessions or date: in the grass under the Eiffel Tower can only win
  96. Fancy shopping at La Grande Epicerie / Le Bon Marché
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    Nearby Saint Germain : fancy but with very good stuff (Epicerie food/ Bon Marché Shops)
  97. Visit the Pantheon
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    Also known as "place of the big men" where important men and women are buried
  98. Look at the boats at Bastille
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    Find the entrance of Le Port de l'arsenal and have a timeless walk
  99. Finally do at least one of those things with me ! Seriously !
    I DID IT !! I would like to thanks my friends that helped me when I was stuck, thank you also @bjnovak and @dev and @Nicholas for that search tool integration that helped a lot, that was a draft for a while ! And finally, thank you Paris, you're the worst but you're the best.