Can I do Better than sharing my very first draft for draftmas ? Didn't published it right away because I don't know why and then it felt too late to publish that kind of presentation list. Y'all know me right ? Ok maybe not. (After rereading that I realized I only wrote shameful things 🤗)
  1. I really can't clap in my hands at concerts
    I mean, I biologically can. But I don't know how this rhythm thing works and people stare at me a lot when I try.
  2. I wish I could rap
    But I guess this all musicalityless isn't helping here neither
  3. I work in the digital industry but it took me 2 days to change my phone
    The cloud isn't my friends. The saving options neither. Basically it took me 2 whole days and I still have lost everything anyway
  4. I push doors that say pull
  5. It's not that I'm clumsy it's just that it always ends up with some of my food on my clothes
    I even found a name to this phenomena : I call it the FOOD BOOB ©
  6. I'm very hypochondriac but terrified of doctors
    Apparently a real thing : hypochondriacs are either always at the doctors or never
  7. I know a lot of useless facts
    But I'm sure that they're gonna be usefull one day. Like if I ever go on 'who wants to be a millionaire' or... If a sociopath menace me to kill everyone unless I can answer some random questions (that's a REAL though I frequently have)
  8. I've watched hypnosis videos on YouTube to fall asleep
    Still don't know if it worked or if I felt asleep because it was 4 am