1. An Australian, a Brit, an American and a French join an app
    This is like the start of a bad racist joke I swear it ain't one
  2. Then they follow each other and interact a bit
  3. They even follow each other's on another social media platform
  4. And from a now classic "fuck that shit" moment for the American one, it became fuck that chill.. and an official group chat was born.
  5. Ok this was a year ago, first on twitter dms then whatsapp then pretty much everywhere we can have group chats
  6. I have no idea where this list is going and the no draft new policy won't be helping
  7. Basically a year ago I made a connection (literally and figuratively) with women far from me, with different backgrounds, and yet, so close to me and with the same way of seeing life
  8. We laughed so much
  9. Because that's mostly how every friendship starts: laughter
  10. And then it got deeper.
  11. I was in a very bad place last year (at first they didn't even knew this) but those messages and laughter and support helped me so so much (and list also helped so since I'm here let's give a h/o to it)
  12. I'm the luckiest of them all as I got to meet 2 out of 3 of those lovely ladies
  13. @DawnCloud forever my first, we met in April last year so pretty early in the friendship and yet we spent lots of time together that I cherish so much and I can't wait for one of us to take the Eurostar again. Soon hopefully.
  14. Then this summer I met @LeahG and this feeling of meeting someone you feel like you've known all your life is indescriptible (well many people here met so maybe you know, after all) my last night out with Leah was just like my nights out with my Parisian best friends and that's the best feeling
  15. So australia is far af but a brand new feeling to check after the soon met and met after a while: the never meet but feel like we did anyway. @jessicaz I don't have photoshop rn but I was gonna do a terrible montage of us close to each other's. It's ok I know the meeting is gonna happen one day and sooner than we may think maybe.
    But it's ok, you're far but so close.
  16. Last night my bff was telling me about texting with her in laws while they're visiting their daughter in China, while she was in Paris and someone else in their group chat was in Ireland and she was like amazed "so funny to get text about their diner when we have lunch" and I thought "AMATEUR"
  17. So yeah I always know what time it is everywhere in the world
  18. When I feel bad there's always someone up I can talk to
  19. When I don't wanna talk there at always 3 people who get it
  20. I always wanna protect and help those people
  21. They had and still brighten my days
  22. Spoiled me too hehe thanks again
  23. This international friendship helped me realize that internet friends are friends
    So also helped me opened to other amazing people here
  24. I don't know how to end this
  25. Happy anniversary to us
  26. And if tl;dr... long story short : I love you and merci.
  27. Here's to many other years