1. My BFF Laura decided few years ago to get baptized, so adults are always christened during that night
  2. So that answers your probable first question : why was I in a church for Easter.
  3. Before going our 2 others bffs came at my place to have diner before we go... and since I'm celebrating Easter anyway I decided to go all in and HIDE CHOCOLATE EGGS IN MY APARTMENT CAUSE THATS HOW COOL I AM
  4. Huge success
  5. Now the church : it starts with a fire outside
    Pretty and impressive
  6. Then everyone has a long candle in the dark church
    VERY Pretty
  7. Oh there's a fun song during which people raise their candles
    It looks like when the Wizards raised their wands for Dumbledore
  8. Oh they're talking about Moses and others stuff I know !
  9. Now it's a bit long
  10. A kid kept playing with his candle, where's the mum
    He almost burn ME
  11. Oh there's like a Jesus flag that appeared
  12. Now Laura is getting baptized soon
    (Big Jesus flag in the background)
  13. Then she really is
    I could never get baptized it will ruin my brushing (and also, that Jewish thing)
  14. Then she had a nice candle and is like literally the light and lightening everyone
  15. More Harry Potter moves !
  16. Than it was a bit long again
  17. Then her and the other girl baptized read something
    Yes I took a lot of pictures, i'm a total Jewish mum even in a church
  18. Than people ate the Host thing
  19. After something we all hugged and kiss saying "Jesus's peace"
    Was afraid it will be awkward but Laura came to me saying "Moses's peace" and then it wasn't anymore
  20. Then the little sister of Laura's boyfriend fangirled cause a famous singer was here
    We didn't talk to him but I have his song in my head since then
  21. And we were all invited to have a hot chocolate
  22. So to sum up it's the first and only time I'll assist to this, I found that pretty, was surprised how many "common" texts and stories there are, and I always like learning new things and things about others religions and culture... But boy it was long !! (almost 3hrs)
    And side note I was glad to go in a church for a happy celebration I've only done funerals
  23. And tomorrow we are having a brunch at Laura's mum and I'll get to play with her niece who's the cutest kiiiid !!!