Inspired by @Nicholas 1-Mile times list... except I have no chill at all
  1. I finally did a 10K !
  2. I didn't run you fools; haven't you read any of my 600 or 700 lists ?!!
    I lost counts
  3. Guys I've reached 10K on a social media. I know, I should not talk about it and pretend to be above that and not care and all.
  4. BUT YEAH ME !!
  5. So talking number and times... it only took me 1 year, 2 months and 35 days
    AT least that's what éphémé is telling me
  6. Ok i was recommended for few months and it helped a lot
    But they won't put me back in 😔despite me confessing that I'm actually a very famous person in France. That I should be blue check. And also I should get the @lisa handle. But nothing.
  7. Its ok, now the hole in my soul is filled !
    I can put list on my resume !! My mum is gonna be proud and my grandma will think I finally achieved something. Take that my brother Anthony the lawyer ! Taking the oath was nothiiiing.
  8. Seriously tho: thank you for interacting with me on this social media platform
  9. Well I guess I can ghost list now
    What else can I do ?