Requested by stars

A list of "li" words where the period is placed in random places because thats's new brand 💸

Thanks for the request @stars : so being French Isnt my brand anymore. Get ready for a new jelly. Or maybe not.
  1. I don't know what you're talking about Anna. Ok maybe I kinda of lost it here
  2. When did I reached the limit ? Is it the username ? Or the title ?
    Im not the only one ! The dot name things started with @LeahG @jesszaffino and @DawnCloud and now we're officially trend setters cause i saw it everywhere ! (If someone needs evidence that we were first we have convo screenshots) (but why would someone want evidence of that?) (also @estherlimtf noticed it right away so she'll testify for us)
  3. Anyway.
  4. Also is it ok to acknowledge that mine is the coolest cause I'm just one letter away.
    Sorry girls
  5. I basically wanna work for @list just to get the coolest business card ever.
    Seriously, wouldn't it be the coolest business card ever ?!!!
  6. Now. Back to that request.
  7. Writes
  8. Li.sts
  9. Li.ving
    Far away.
  10. Li.sten
    I may
  11. Li.sts
    Too much. I won't
  12. Li.e
    About it.
  13. Li.ghts
    Are off and I'm still here
  14. Li.kely
    Til 2 or 3..
    Myself ? I should. But...
  16. (Or fingers?) won't LEA.VE.
  17. Is now a
  18. Li.festyle
  19. Li.fts
    Us all.
  20. Li.teraly
    Its 3 now. So.
  21. Long and prospect
  22. Now
  23. 's Out