I didn't sleep a lot since Friday so I'm sorry for all the typos and general lack of senseful sentences , I'm trying to fell asleep but can't cause my body is in my bed but my heart is in Florida
  1. It will never makes sense
    Because craziness doesn't have logic
  2. It doesn't really get better
    You'll still think about it, in a middle of a conversation, at a club, a concert, a bar or just in your bed when it's 1 am and you can't sleep
  3. It will never be the same again
    And yet it will be exactly the same too soon, and you'll be resentful of the promised changes that didn't/aren't/will never come
  4. It will get the entire world attention
    But for a few weeks only
  5. It will get your entire country attention
    But for a few months only
  6. It will bring tons of sayings, quotes and powerful illustration
    But the "never again" signs will look obsolete soon nor will bring them back
  7. It will bring powerful speeches by politicians
    But those words will sound very deja vu and you'll want some actual action
  8. It will break your heart, crush your soul, enrage your body and occupy your brain
    But you'll feel powerless
  9. It will make "praying for" trending
    But people are mixing up prayers and concerned thoughts. Praying doesn't pass laws
  10. It will feel like you and your country and everything you stand for are sinking
    But you will get up again and walk on water
  11. It gets better
    I've been told