Inspired by @justjills (and @MaiaLS a long time ago) : so much pressure for my being french. (Not a ranking: goat cheese and Comte are first)
  1. Comté from my fromagerie
  2. Goat cheese named "long blanc" aka long white.
    I'll let you do the 'that's what she said' jokes
  3. Etorki
    One of maman Fav favorite and it's industrial so cheap
  4. Reblochon
    de Savoie of course
  5. Camembert
  6. Few raclette leftover
    Oh raclette. Also from savoie
  7. Diet Camembert we will never eat
  8. Kinda like a lighter cream cheese
  9. Feta that had been here for too long
  10. Cheddar/Emmental mix for burger cause my brother was home this week
    His presence also explained the lack of Parmesan or gruyère for pastas as he finished them all
  11. Bonus : wine and baguette
    And yes, the wine is from Savoie too
  12. Am I fulfilling your french cliches fantasy ?!
    Y or N
  13. Also come visit my fromagerie ! They can pack it !