Self explaining the why I didn't do anything about those crushes
  1. **Never told you but this actually became a GAME SHOW months ago on @listbot SoundCloud playlist !
    The host has a terrible accent but at least she's trying **
  2. Do you live far ?
    I'll probably crush on you
  3. Do you live even farther ?
    I'll definitely crush on you
  4. Do you show interest in me ?
    I most likely won't crush on you
  5. Are you in a relationship ?
    I'll crush on you in my dreams and wake up feeling guilty
  6. Am I projecting an idealized version of what you probably are not ?
    I'll crush on you. A lot.
  7. Do you play the guitar ?
    I'll hate crush on you
  8. Are you Israeli speaking English with the cutest accent ?!
    I'll totally crush on you
  9. Do you kinda look like my celebrity crush from when I was 14 ?
    I'll crush on you
  10. Did you stop texting me ?
    I'll stop crushing on you
  11. Are you Zac Efron ?
    I'll crush on you ; if you are Zac: my number is +336...