Am I listening to Last Christmas ? A running list that will be redondant and possibly annoying

  1. Rn ? Yes, I am
  2. FYI I also was yesterday as proven on IG
  3. lil 7:24 update. I'm actually not.
  4. Lil 7:26 update : i AM
  5. It's 0:10 I'm back from an intense improv class I honestly deserve it. So to answer my own question: yes I am. Plus headphones are great earmuffs in that crazy winter weather.
  6. Its almost 1am and I'm not.
    Im thinking of cooking a Thai salad tho, but that's not the point of this running list and I take this live listing seriously. (It's too late too cook right ?) (but again, back from intense impro)
  7. I am not. and I didn't make the Thai salad neither and now I'm hungry. Honestly this addition is mostly cause I wanted you to see my awesome top before I switch to pjs.
    This update is great and I'm not annoying I'm respecting @jeremysomething work
  8. Daaamn my boobs look so huge in that previous pic
  9. Ok it may not be just due to the pic but still
  10. Am I my own spam ?
  11. Ok no more music tonight ! But see you tomorrow, MAYBE.
  12. Hi it's 3 pm and technically I am not but I got it in my head so badly I feel like there's someone following me with speaker playing it loudly so it counts
  13. I didn't have battery most day* so now I'm going to bed so weirdly and sadly I DID NOT TODAY
    * @jesszaffino @Nicholas surprising right ?
  14. I am ! Already for the 3rd time in a row
  15. I'm not but @k8mcgarry is
  16. I am !
  17. I still am
  18. Guess what ?
  19. And now it's covers time !
  20. I'm not !! Im a very happy new that just found an actual cook hannukah song that isn't a funny parody (not that Adam Sandler and South Park ones aren on point) but this feels good to my Judaism ! My christmukah playlist has now ONE mukah song !!!
    @drugs @thebestSR @gabimoskowitz @mallofamanda is this song actually super famous ??! (yes you are my American Jews panel)
  21. I am also in cars
  22. Fuck. This. SHIT. This isn't how that list was supposed to end and what I was supposed to write on Christmas Day. Fuck you 2016.
    And George, thanks for making me dance alone in my room a lot ❤️💔