City of Paris gave a new metro/train station the name of Rosa Parks. The artists are painting by the station wall
  1. Background story of the area
    The 19th is one (maybe the 1st) of the Paris district in term of poverty. Some of his streets are just very working class/families friendly but others aren't safe and many people know for crimes (Charlie) are known to come from the neighborhood so the project was born after January events to bring back some positivity in a difficult area (also the actual painting started after November 13th)
  2. 400 meters of street art
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    So now artists are working on the wall separating the street from the train station. I don't know how to convert 400 meters to whatever it is you're using and I'm too lazy to google it but let's say it take several minutes to walk through the project
  3. The idea is to make this neighborhood much more colorful
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  4. Its habitants could met with the artists
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  5. The children participate in this one
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    She gave only colorful colors and no restrictions to the kids and just white for her
  6. Love this one too
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