*feminine for listers obv
  1. By now it's been acknowledged that FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL
    (you're welcome for having Kimmy Scmidt theme in your head all day)
  2. But damn it, women of li.st are something else
  3. So let's take a minute to celebrate what you all taught me this past year
  4. Thanks to all the women who shared their personal stories, being stronger than anyone else
  5. Thanks to all the women who cared about people, commented, gave advices and proved there's good people in this world, being nicest than anyone else
  6. Thanks to all the woc who taught us so so much, especially to me a Parisian white girl living in France where the word white privilege doesn't even exist (but racism and discrimination do 🙃)
  7. Thanks for being badass feminists that call out patriarchy when needed (so that makes it always)
  8. Thanks for being the funniest
  9. Thanks for being honest
  10. Thanks for being the smartest and sharing your knowledge
  11. Thanks for inspiring me and others
  12. You are all so important; good; nice; and just the best part of this app (sorry guys, you know it's true). And I cherish the universal bonding we made and if you're not feeling good, know that we have your back