Analysis of a debate I did not see through listers tweets I've read when I woke up

Why bother staying up til 4 am Paris time when all you gonna get is feeling like shit ? Been fooled once not twice. I'm still STILL processing that this is real life, real presidential nominee, debate, election, GOOD LUCK AMERICA
  1. Wait @lame ?!! Which is the debate which is the cold open ??!! I always forget !!
  2. Like @joemurphy; many men had to go find some support in wine ...
  3. ... women however will need way much strong alcohol
  4. Oooouh Thats an hard one to guess ! Was it about women ? Syria ? Mexicans ? Women ?! Am I getting colder or hotter ! Give me a clue !!
  5. @roaringsoftly is right ! Trump is so broke he can't afford therapy and uses this election for bringing up his issues
  6. @franksars (who stayed up damn) will get answer from Trump Trolls confusing Hillary and Kate McKinnon
  7. The hardest game to play when playing this game : is it a real quote or an exageration for comedy purpose ?
    Its ALWAYS a real quote
  8. ALWAYS a real one
  9. Oh @k8mcgarry I'm so grateful thank you ! (To be reminded that I'm so happy not to be American right now; I already fight enough with my mom regarding French politics and life and kidding also about Clinton
  10. Hey America remember when you were able to arrest our presidential candidate in a few hours ? Where are the handcuffs pic ?!!
    If you don't know what I'm talking about it's obviously DSK who was about to be president for sure if this didn't happen. Seriously you were able to prevent a predator ruining our country; do the same for you
  11. As a tourist, all I really wanna know if we're talking yellow school bus ? TMZ L-A tour bus ?
    Again didn't see the debate but @jhope71 im sure the answer is yes
  12. @torihyndman is always right
  13. Wait @Boogie where do babies come from ???!!! Kidding *I* just learned. I guess Trump had the same science teacher than that guy on twitter that told women to hold their bladder to avoid having their period*
    *for real, if you missed it find it on my twitter
  14. @nelle 's cousin 2036
  15. So far Hillary is her husband, Barack Obama, Obama's brother, Bush
  16. I'm with her and her blowout and with @brimattia
  17. Thanks @LevNovak cause if someone as political; smart; full of knowledge and all also use Twitter to analyze things : What I'm doing rn makes sense
  18. @lesbian using the Office to describe the election and I did too and others tooo and yet JOHN KRASINSKI DIDNT APPEAR IN A HILLARY SPOT YET ! WHY ??!!
  19. Hmm I think @bjnovak made a comparison here but I'm not sure to get the metaphor...
  20. Come on @chloeabzzz , Lexie... He was busy grabbing women he couldn't pay attention to everything
  21. Pretty sure trump's trolls I mean supporter will use @roche to point out sexism in this election. YOU NEVER SEE ANYONE COMMENT ON HOW HILLARY CLINTON DRESS UP THIS ELECTION IS RIGGED
  22. Ok not a lister (yet?!) but can we laugh a bit with the future president now
  23. My analysis being that Trump is dumb and this is real life and damn, some men would rather vote for anyone than vote for a women, really, anyone.
    And also, you should follow those people on twitter, list and wherever