1. I went shopping
  2. Bought nice dresses at H&M
  3. Bought few grocery before coming home
    Avocados, mozzarella and cream cheese. My lunch was gonna be good right ?
  4. Except
  5. It's raining like crazy
  6. H&M gave me a paper bag
  7. I put the groceries in the H&M paper bag
  8. And this is what the H&M paper bag looks like when I arrived home
  9. I lost all my groceries.
  10. I'll never have my avocado toast at lunch
  11. Nor my caprese salad tonight
  12. Not my toasts tomorrow morning
  13. I'm a mess
  14. It's a difficult grief to process
    So young. So unfair.
  15. I tried writing a poem
    But it wasn't that cathartic
  16. It's really hard.
  17. But the dresses are fine tho !