Inspired by @Nicholas that was inspired by @dev that was inspired by my request. I'm basically my own inspiration now
  1. Yeah so my story isn't as cool as Dev's nor exotic as Nicholas' but that still counts as a living abroad anecdotes right ?
  2. One night a friend of a friend was hitting on me and offer me to get me a drink at the bar
  3. He asked me what beer I wanted
  4. I told him I didn't like beer
    (But would love a glass of wine)
  5. He looked at me
  6. With disgust
  7. As if I had just insulted his mother
  8. And replied "how can you don't like that, that's impossible that means nothing"
  9. He even started to yell saying I must not have taste some there are hundreds of them and it wasn't possible to don't like beers
    I'm pretty sure he would have been much more chill with me insulting his mother, which at his point I really wanted to do.
  10. I was then the one with disdain look
  11. And we never spoke again
  12. And from that day I refuse to let boys pay for my drinks*
    *Most of the time
  13. Also, this story is funnier when I tell it cause I do a very good Belgium accent