So @WSJ just asked @bjnovak phone related questions (b.j. Novak Reveals What’s on His iPhone) and I figured I'll answer those too cause I'm pretty sure y'all dying to know my answers. And also, been faking answering fake interviews since circa 1994.
  1. Number of unread emails :
    69. Very proud of that one.
  2. First app checked in the morning :
    The ones with the more notifications
  3. Most used app :
    The List App. Also are texting/whatsapp included in apps ? And Disney games (Frozen and Inside Out) because I proudly never felt for candy crush but then it got worst
  4. Most likes photo on Instagram :
    I think it's this one of me interviewing famous French actors (I'm the French Ellen who knew ?) FYI this was my favorite (and longest) consulting job : i started as a community manager and ended up doing lots of editorial input for cool programs and different interviews! Very cool and interesting and cool people (and gave me high expectations in jobs)
  5. Most recent Uber ride :
    Like most uber rides : from a bar to my place. Around 15€. Was pretty tipsy in that one.
  6. Most RTed tweet :
    So I was locked down at Bruxelles in November (because of course I was) and spotted this "journalist" at the train station.. Funny thing is that then some troll thought I was one of the "anti medias" paranoid, if only they knew my job haha but yeahs that man did hide an important truth in this very intense week end that didn't need that
  7. Favorite emoji :
    So I guess this one is the most use : 😂but those ones are much more like me🙄😏
  8. Outgoing voice mail message :
    I don't really remember but I guess it's just me and my annoying voice saying I'm not here so leave a message (THAT I WILL NEVER LISTEN TO BTW)