Requested by @ChrisK
Very targeted list from and for @ChrisK and all listers that also are very bookishy. Note that this list goes along my other one about my favorite places in Paris MY FAVORITE PLACES IN PARIS - BY A NOT RUDE NOR POSH PARISIAN with similar areas plus bookish friendly places
  1. Shakespeare and company
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    I mentioned it in previous list but I guess it's the most loved by tourists and French connoisseurs : books everywhere, like really, I won't spoil that but it's very impressive you can't fit anymore book at. Also the owner is a real character, there's always signing or concerts and its in a very touristic area so chances are : you'll end up in front on it ! (Also it's a bit hidden so you might actually end up near it without seeing it)
  2. La Belle Hortense
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    In the heart of Le Marais this place is between a book club and a wine bar. There's books inside (I guess some in English) but you can also just grab yours and have wine while talking to your neighbors. So is it a library that sells wine or a wine bars with books ? Who can really tell, depends on how you see life
  3. Bibliotheque Sainte Genevieve (BSG)
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    Voted most beautiful library in Paris by my mum. Just keep in mind it's French university/administration so it closes a lot, you must take reservations I think
  4. WH Smith
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    The classic English classical brand is located between concord and Louvre at the Tuileries : so perfect fit in between visits if you need a refill in books in English to read while sitting at the Tuileries park. The shop is charming, love the wooden stairs. Have new and recent books and a British food mini court upstairs and British souvenirs because it's still a wh smith shop
  5. Bibliothèque Mazarine
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    Oldest public library in France! The collection goes behind books with tons of documents, restored papers, arts..
  6. Bibliotheque National (bnf)
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    Ok I've just discovered this while making this list! There's differents places for the national library and I only knew the big ugly modern one (called Francois Mitterrand don't get mixed up) cause I discovered the existence of the Richelieu place in center Paris and now I know what I wanna do this week end. It's a beautiful building nearby Le louvres and Palais Royal.
  7. Seriously I feel like I'm in Harry Potter or something like that
  8. Read at a terrace Place du Tertre
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    Yes you'll be a cliché, and some posh and rude Parisians might judge you but it's totally worth the guilty pleasure feelings. Go in La butte Montmartre, with all the painters as seen in movies, yes not a lot of 'real' French but still so charming with the Sacre Coeur facing us
  9. @ChrisK weeks later I realize that I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT !! The bouquinists by the Seine !
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    On both side of the Seine, bouquinistes (bouquin is slang for books) have little stand of ancient posters antics books ads etc :