I am now pretty confident with my accent or rather I'm getting understood or not. But I learned things the hard and humiliating way.
  1. That time I ordered a hot chocolate
    And the waiter served me a Diet Coke. (Age12 - level of awkwardness 9/10)
  2. That time I could understand my Californian cousin was making fun of me
    But wasn't able to answer since I had only a year of English. But giiiiirl let me tell you that I had my revenge 2 years later. (Age12 - level of awkwardness 9/10) (it used to be one of my worst souvenir but now I felt that it's what helped me get motivated to learn English)
  3. That time I talked about someone's cheating
    Not shitting. (Age 25 / level of awkwardness 2/10)
  4. That time my best friend and I befriend a guy in nyc
    Such a cool evening ! Until we realized he was certainly hoping the dinner to end up in a 3some because that how French roll apparently.
  5. That time my other best friend and I meet 2 guys in Vegas
    Meet in the elevator, made few jokes and agreed to meet again after diner. No news at 8. No news at 9.30. No news at 10.30. But a text at 2 am ! Yay ! (Age 25 - level of awkwardness 0 we should have guess they'll try to play the booty call card)
  6. That time I did a monologue about Jesus at my UCB improv 101 courses
    And one of my classmate thought I talked about cheesus. The most recent one. And actually funniest. I guess he just assumed a French Jewish girl wouldn't talk about Jesus but cheese. Which is true 99% of the time. (Age 27/ Awkward 0) + one of the best scene in a cheese church