Because your parents are geniuses doesn't mean the apple the tree etc or how I got mad at a Lennon

  1. Tonight on my way to have drinks with friends, I ranted with son of a legend. What did YOU do ?!
  2. So I saw this tweet
  3. At first I just RTed the tweet...
  4. But reading his answers made me boiled like that time I forgot I put water to boil and it almost disappear
  5. So this is my life now: ranting and feuding with sons of celebrity.
  6. I don't think he'll answer.
  7. But I will feel better.
  8. I guess I could have linked him to that too
  9. Seriously how can the son of a badass feminist (actually 2 badass feminists, I'm sure John was too) can be so dumb and blind ?!
    That's my conclusion. I almost missed my stop.
  10. Now I'll have a double mojito