Best Hannukah episodes 🕎

Wanted to rank hannukah movies but LOL apparently it's not a market ?! but thankfully tv never disappoints ! please tv and Jews enthusiasts (or both maybe) add some I missed a bunch !
  1. Friends : honestly I'm Jewish but I learned about the macabees from @RossGeller and the Holidays Armadillo
  2. Any The Nanny episodes related to holidays seasons are cute but this hannukah story one with flashbacks is the best
  3. I don't remember much about that rugrats episode just that it was the first time i saw people on tv doing that candles things too
  4. South Park : ok this is maybe more a Christmas episode. But than there's this all thing about being a lonely Jew at Christmas and this was my favorite and only hannukah song for practically 15 years and which is still very relatable (I know only the french lyrics but I'm sure the English are like that too)
  5. Also me : dancing to hannukah music. Although I prefer latkes songs than dreidels ones
  6. Obviously a must mention. I hope they didn't trademark it cause I would owe them lots of money
  7. I don't exactly remember the episode but the puckerman brothers sang Hannukah oh hannukah at some point and it's important that after 14428 covers they did it.
  8. (It's a TV movie but i'll suggest it if you want to include it) Full Court Miracle
    A classic - and it should be available on amazon video for a few bucks, should anyone want to watch it.
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  9. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    Episode 8. But wait, there's more! 'Chanukah Honey' is a parody video/song Rachel Bloom made two years before her show debuted.
    Suggested by   @angela3950