I'm so disgusted by my country, telling you about it to mostly make you learn about those boys names. And tell you injustice and racism is everywhere and we are fucked everywhere and I'm hopeless in this world
  1. Earlier this week a young black man, Theo, 22, was attacked and rape by policemen
  2. President Hollande went to see him... with cameras. Saying that there will be justice..
  3. But Now...
  4. The policemen are sleeping peacefully at their homes. The Charges will be violence, not rape cause you know a baton can penetrate you by accident http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_589cc442e4b04061313c43fd?
  5. A policeman said on tv that calling someone "bamboula" (very big racial slur) was "correct"
    He "apologized" and nothing will happen to him whatsoever
  6. Meanwhile two young people that throw rocks during a protest in Theo's hometown are already locked down and facing 6 months of jail.
    AGAIN the policemen are still free. (Meanwhile Theo from his hospital bed sent a message of peace and calm to his city)
  7. If you think France is cool sorry to tell you the contrary
  8. We also have a big scandal regarding the life and death of Adama Traoré (know his name..) that died after being arrested this summer and justice still didn't happen
    They just changed tribunals (ill try to find a complete article in English about it)
  9. #JusticePourTheo #JusticePourAdama