This list should have been written already ! What took us so long ?! (I guess we needed @giphy to be here) inspired by my last convo with @franksars 😉
  1. When you're killing it
  2. When you're an European Lister
  3. When getting your paycheck
  4. When spotting a tattoo with a spelling mistake on it
  5. When someone compliment your last selfie
  6. When it's 4 am and you don't wanna go home right away
  7. When your mum starts singing
  8. When you date an ex N'Sync
    A GIFS for a very targeted audience
  9. When you keep making spelling and grammar mistakes
  10. When joining a group text convo
  11. When seeing pigeons above your head
  12. When it's Halloween !
  13. When Netflix and chill
  14. When you just want to go home, take off your pants, and put on you pjs
  15. When your friend asks for your advice regarding her hair color
  16. When someone tell you your lists are funny
  17. When someone tells you what to do with your body
  18. When a friend ask you if her dream will come true
  19. When you made Bad Blood video 10 years before bad blood
  20. When you want to subtly suggest gifts to your boyfriend before he comes home
  21. When you want your BFF to go dancing with you
  22. When you finally send that flirty text to your crush
  23. When you just got sext
  24. When people ask you what you think of Trump political knowledge
  25. When you watch some Shonda Rhimes tv shows
  26. When your BFF cancels your weekend plans
  27. When your family still see you as a kid
  28. When a terrible tinder date asks you for a 2nd date...
  29. When your tinder date asks why you don't want a 2nd date
  30. When a friend is becoming an annoying couple
  31. When you're fucking Britney Bitch
  32. Ok bye !