Wow ! Thanks for the request @k8zinker
  1. July 14th is OUR national holiday
  2. We basically just call it le 14 Juillet or fete nationale
  3. What I'm saying is WE don't call it Bastille day ! Haha that's just you !
  4. But you're right it does come from the Bastille fall in the 1789 revolution
    So it symbolizes the end of monarchy and the beginning of The republics as well as the federation (unity) on July 14 1790. (Wiki it for more details)
  5. Every year there's a military parade (oldest in Europe) on the champs Elysées with the president and the government, diplomats etc and broadcast on TV
  6. Here's some pics of this year parade :
  7. This year Australia and New Zealand were honorary guests (hello @jessicaz @alanarogerrrrs !)
    So there was Maori soldiers
  8. John Kerry was here !
  9. All the different armies are parading
  10. But what people prefer is the planes parades
  11. Static
  12. Static
  13. Hello Mr President !
  14. There are much much more the parade is all morning so if you're into that kinda of things found more on this article or others !
    The night before or on the 14th itself in mostly all cities ! Because I'm an annoying Parisian here's the one from the Eiffel Tower from last year
  16. Now about some rituals
  17. Unlike your 4th of July it's not about hot dogs*
    *source: @list on July 4th
  18. On the eve of July 14th there's the Bal des Pompiers ! Firemen ball !!
    Depending of the place it can be on the fire house (barrack!?) itself or the main place of the city : with barbecues, concerts, etc ! Very familial spirit or flirty teens/youngish people into firemen haha for once even I went yesterday
  19. Usually people take the days off between the holiday and the week for an extra long week end
  20. It also means the real start of summer holidays
    Basically until the next national holidays on August 15th (Which reminds me if you're in Paris on July 14th or August 15th check to see if wherever you're planning to go is open !!)
  21. So happy holidays !
  22. As for me, today is dogs sitting my friends cutest dogs on earth !