1. "Wishing you a sweet year and may your name be written in the book of life"
  2. That's the traditional Jewish new year greetings and let's be honest, it's pretty cool to wish someone is written in the book of life
  3. The tradition is to eat apple with honey to emphasize the sweet and if you've never had apple and honey I really advice you to try some it's so good !
  4. So I was about to wish a happy roch hashana to my fellow Jews but listing Jews is kinda odd and wrong
    But Shana Tova & a geit your (yay Yiddish!) to @roaringsoftly @mallofamanda @thebestSR @drugs @gabimoskowitz @evan @michal @LevNovak @lgw @Lindi @loriatx.. Wait did I make it weird ?!
  5. So Shana Tova to all my friends here
    @jessicaz (the more Jew obsess there is) @LeahG @DawnCloud @k8mcgarry @lame @online @shanaz @tombatten @HisDudeness @jeremysomething and many many more that I won't tag so please don't sulk this is for everyone!!! wishing you all list fam a very sweet year full of happiness
  6. My year wasn't good but I still have hope
  7. And hope is what matters the most
  8. Since we can't have a Seder altogether I propose to do a common wishes list
  9. Shana Tova ! No matter if you consider tonight and tomorrow the new year or if you only celebrate that on Jesus circumcision!! (Oh yeah did you know ?! We celebrate new year a week after Christmas cause it was Jesus Brit Mila !! The more you know !!)
  10. My wishes now : happiness for everyone; less hatred / passive aggressive/ sexist/ racist/ drama and negativity. The realization of a project I can't talk about yet. And happiness really, Thats all. maybe love or at least like. Travels and improv for me and whatever you want for you !
  11. L'Shana Tova!!!
    I want all my friends and family to get what they want this year out of life. I want everyone to be happy and healthy. I want everyone to feel fulfilled and full. I want everyone to have a soft heart and peace of mind. I want everyone to let go of all the bad shit that happened this year and be really excited that we can start again. I want everyone to breathe goodness in to each other's lives.
    Suggested by @drugs