Countries if they were Mean Girls characters

Not disrespect to mean girls characters intended. Oh yeah, nor countries too.
  1. Mrs George - Netherland
    Ok ok we get it you're cool. Stop trying too much with all your sex and drugs things
  2. Kevin Knapoor - Belgium
    We make fun of them and then they surprise us with wisdoms
  3. Aaron Samuel - Australia
    So pretty but so inaccessible
  4. Miss Norbury - Canada
    The smart one that will save us all
  5. Principal Duvall - Germany
    We don't really hear from you directly until we do and you kick our ass if needed
  6. Damian - UK
    So in and yet so out : where does he belong really now ? Also best sense of humor. Everyone favorite without even trying or wanting to
  7. Cady Heron - Italy
    Don't try that much, try staying natural and people will like you
  8. Regina George +
  9. Karen Smith +
  10. Gretchen Wieners =
  11. The plastics - USA
    Depending of the state.. I mean of the plastic : think the world is just about them, smart but hypocrite, dumb but charming, want people to love them and try very hard to make things happen
  12. Janis Ian - France
    Kinda seem cool sometimes but will also judge you a lot despite pretending not to care about you. Also have tons of issues but hides it better therefore think is better. But overall not so bad, nice and funny.!
  13. Also this dude is USA too right ?
  14. This girl - the Internet
    I know it's not a country per say but it kinda is tho