1. Director
    I will end up directing a few, as well as as the producer, but the pilot was shot by Samantha Bee
  2. Producer
    Jude Apatow would be afraid to be stuck with chubby Jewish girls so he passed. I was too fan struck to pitch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey but then I realized that's not even them I wanted but Rachel Dratch
  3. Broadcast
    Pilot shot for NBC that didn't pick us but it's so much better for us to be on Amazon now
  4. Cast
    I'm casting me as myself and I'm not even ashamed of it. Casting tbd but all the Community main cast will guest at some point, Retta will be my boss, I'll have a will they won't they moment of with Dev Patel, Bill Hader and a white Jewish boy because of course. (My close friends girls gang will be break out actresses from around the world)