To be fair it's A LOT as a kid I watched Disney movies with French dubbed version, it's way later that I listened to some English ones (or for very recent movies). And there are some songs I really prefer in French (because better lyrics by example)
  1. Je suis ton meilleur ami
    (Friend like me) : it's maybe my favorite Disney song ! (I'll say that a lot) I just love it and I feel the rabbit out of the hat moment is much better in French : only saying "can your friends do this/that" versus "je suis un génie, chanteur magicien, mon tour favori c'est l'coup du lapin"
  2. Il en faut peu pour être heureux
    (The bare necessities) : French title is better ! It's means "need a few to be happy", I'll sing it to you when we meet
  3. Belle
    BONJOUR BONJOUR ! Ok I'll confess I don't even know the English version but it's like French in a French village ! (To be fair there's a sentence that is Cleary to long for the music but it's ok, it's Belle)
  4. For those wondering there are also non sense translation (but I love them anyway of course it's still my childhood soundtrack, and not just childhood) :
    Mary Poppin's spoonful of sugar literal translation makes no sense, Aladdin's Whole New World is "This Blue dream" (whatever it is) and of I love French Lion King but "L'amour brille sous les étoiles" (love shines under the stars) isn't Elton's Can you feel the love tonight