1. See when you're sick and don't know what exactly it is you have but whatever pills you took worked ? Well medically speaking you're treating the symptoms but not the cause.
  2. Sometimes the cause goes away anyway, sometimes it comes back and when it comes back it can be worst.
  3. Of course this metaphor can be use to talk about dealing with your real problems (health; anxiety; work issues etc)
  4. But more generally I see that a lot about any news / pop culture buzz etc : people are reacting to the symptoms not the cause
  5. For examples, in pop culture : the Kardashian
  6. You may not like them, or find them irrelevant but you can't blame them for being in general news : they're doing their job (and let's be honest they're good at it)
    Their job IS getting as much media coverage they can !
  7. So if you feel like they shouldn't be that talked; you must see that more like : why are THAT mentioned everywhere ?
  8. Medias (even general or news ones) are as much linked to ads and targeting as others broadcasts, so there's that
  9. And nowadays people just wan that kind of people to follow
  10. Giving that kind of perception on medias can also be applicable on that trump attention
  11. You can't really blame trump to be a stupid racist asshole; the problem is the coverage he has; news broadcasts to humor programs
    (Well you CAN blame him to be stupid racist asshole, but you get what I mean)
  12. And it's a vicious circle that media one
  13. You create an urge to the audience to know about that subject so they came back for more; and you need that audience so you give them more
  14. Beyond the trump and medias relationship that metaphor can also apply to trump and his supporters
  15. And I'm not just talking of him telling those dumb racist assholes what they wanna hear
  16. I mean what's behind his success ?
  17. And the success of all far right parties in Europe ?
  18. The cause nobody is really treating ; maybe cause they don't see it, maybe cause it's just a headache, maybe out of fear to name it
  19. But the raise of dumb racist assholes is real.
  20. The racists, homophobic, antisemitic, islamophobs don't even hide anymore.
  21. And they're the one that need to be treated.