1. Inspired by this
  2. Makes lots of typos and grammar mistakes
    But knowing the difference between they're there and their. Unless it's 3 am and I'm drunk.
  3. Phone putting capslock randomly ON some WORDS
  4. Write haha or hahaha to acknowledge humor
    Eventually this guy 😂
  5. Will write 3 to 5 comments in a row in 10 seconds instead of a long one
  6. (Put lots of parenthesis) (i mean I fill them with words) (i just don't put random () ) (sometimes in more than 3 sentences in a row)
  7. Change subject with no transition whatsoever and is offended when people don't get what I'm talking about
  8. Translate french expression literally hoping it will make some sense anyway
  9. Most likely to answer you after 10 pm (Paris time zone)
  10. Will still insult you in french when annoyed and drunk irl