1. That's antithetical I know
  2. You can't drown in an drained pool
  3. And yet that's how I feel
  4. I'm drained
    Empty, worn out, tired
  5. I'n drowned
    Overwhelm , overcome , bury in this stream of emotions and informations
  6. I'm also highly sensitive
    Something that would just bummed me now makes me crazy mad or sad (I almost cried when I couldn't find a bus or insulted someone for being annoying)
  7. I'm still blank
    Can't read details. I know the number of victims and I know how La Promenade des Anglais looks like on Bastille Day. The victims of November attacks were like me, either at the Bataclan or different coffees and bars: it's my profile, so people were "it could have been me, for real" shock. Now it's a national holidays during fireworks : full of young people, family, kids, babies... I can't know more
  8. I'm walking drained and drowned
  9. It's getting harder to breath