On Wednesday after the premiere of He called me Malala movie, the two best women meet. So prepare yourself to be empowered. Ps:I know titles are automatically capslocked but FYI I'm totally screaming this one)
  1. First Emma called Malala her absolute hero
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    And Malala was also very happy to meet Emma.
  2. Emma asked her about goals
    Which is to see every children get access to proper education
  3. "not just a movie but a movement"
    That left Emma speechless
  4. Both want people to do thing and actions
    Watch the film, be inspired and the do.
  5. About Malala's father
    Because every men can be feminists and as Malala says he set an example. "If we want equality men have to step further"
  6. About feminism and the word itself
    Malala also was inspired by Emma's speech too and proudly call herself a feminist. (Also look at Emma melting face when Malala quotes her speech it's just so moving)
  7. Ok you know what, I can't recap all of it. Just watch : https://www.facebook.com/emmawatson/videos/1150256254993263/