Fran needs no introduction
  1. Embrace your Fluffy hair and Nasal voice ! You're hot !
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    I'm not from flushing, queens. But as a Jewish girl with lots of impossible curly hair and a nasal voice and weird laugh, needless that I felt very connected.
  2. How to handle your Yiddish mama
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    Oh Yetta. She deserves her own list. And she always makes me remember my own Yiddish great grand mother.
  3. Friendship is forever
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    Friends from high school will always be there for you
  4. Food is forever too
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    Yes, you can watch your weight. But there's rules. Like the 1 cookie by weight watcher.
  5. And the one slide of pizza theory
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    "Fran that's 2" "If you eat it like that the body doesn't know"
  6. Age doesn't define who you are
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    Ok she doesn't take well aging but actually make fun of it. Plus her style actually that age really doesn't mean anything
  7. Mr sheffield is hot
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    Hello Charles Shaughnessy. Being in France I only had a dubbed version, I can only imagine watching with his original British accent
  8. Kibbutz is fun
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    And Israelites men are hot. Therefor many girls lost their.. Hat.
  9. How to handle the bully/slut shaming and other bitchy comment
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    And that how you throw shade on CC.
  10. Surround yourself with funny friends
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    Nils, King of one liner.
  11. No matter what, you'll end up like the women of your family
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  12. All the wisdoms
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  13. Admit that you're not perfect..
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    Or always have wisdoms. That actually makes you perfect
  14. And always there, no matter what
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  15. Just explain the rules to your kid
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  16. Go crazy with the shopping. But never buy to retailers
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    My family works in the fabric industry. I've known the rules for awhile.
  17. Pomeranian are the cutest dogs
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    That's it
  18. Be Smart and badass while being flashy and sexy
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    Aka just be yourself ! Ann's speak up when needed !
  19. Oh yes also being portrayed by Fran Drescher
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    Inspiring lady : writer, producer, woman who survived the worst and still enjoy life. Setting an example for everyone.