1. I been willing to travel "far" for awhile
    I'm lucky enough I did travel through Europe or both coast of the US and Israel and Morocco but it's still not as farther as I want it to
  2. I didn't really know where to go next
  3. I just knew I wanted to live an experience
  4. I do have dream countries/regions of course
    Like South America, Thailand, Bali, Cambodge and other Asian countries
  5. But I just didn't know where to start
  6. In April I received something
  7. For the kids in here this is a cassette tape 😉
  8. This tape was recorded in 1975.. By my dad when he was 19 !l
    Photo taken in 1988 but you'll get the idea
  9. My mum is actually still friend with his first girlfriend and that woman kept this tape
    I seriously can't believe she didn't lose it, between moving and the years and everything ! It's CRAZY!
  10. My father sang and played the guitar, he did record ONE vinyl that got stolen in his parents car 😔
  11. I knew there are videos of him singing at birthdays and parties but I just can't watch them yet
  12. He did have some hits in the family
    Here he is with my aunt and baby Lisa !
  13. We listened to the cassette with my mum and I asked her if my favorite (and his most famous) (in the family and friends) would be in it
  14. But she didn't know when we made them, he was 19 in here and she met him at 25 and he had them
  15. And magically after the song finished the next one was "the" one
  16. It's called "the Bolivian of Paris"
  17. It's about a bohemian lifestyle man that traveled the world and who is now stuck in Paris
  18. He tells about his travels
  19. So..
  20. My goal would be to visit countries mentioned in the song
  21. And finally let that song have a clip
  22. I guess it would be a bit too much to do all of them
  23. Especially that sometimes it's vague (like Just "Asia")
  24. My priority is Chili and Bolivia since its the Chorus
  25. And then pick the other destinations according to the song, but also choosing some of my dream destinations since it's also the point of the song
  26. I don't know if I'll be able to do them all at once or if I should take more time
  27. But in October it will be 10 years since he left us so I thought it would be nice to do that before that
  28. I also have time, I'm ending my contact in early April
  29. I have a bit of savings but not enough to do it all obviously so again I should check that point first
  30. I thought about doing a youfundme page, that maybe some friends and family would like to participate in creating the clip but I'm not sure I'll dare do that
    I don't want to sound like someone asking for paid holidays. But I would love a bit extras for example to get a camera and of course add a country or two
  31. I may also need help from sound professional because the cassette audio isn't very clear
    I want to keep it the closest to the cassette but just turn off some static
  32. Anyway maybe it's still just a dream
  33. But I don't think it is. But I don't want to put to much pressure on that too. It should still be a happy and positive thing to do
  34. Tbh this list may have been the hardest to write for me, because it makes it real
  35. I still need to take the leap and do it already, maybe just starting pieces by pieces
  36. And maybe one day I'll get to write a list about the farthest I'd been and it will cover all the world !
  37. ✨🌎🌍🌏✨