Partially requested by @vmacies and some others, so here's my French mixtape for you all
  1. Foreword
    This is obviously a very subjective and incomplete list. I mostly love artist that write compose and sing their songs. Also French often don't care about high note so if you're looking a the voice's voice not sure you'll get what you like. This is some people I love or feel like you should know. There's my first loves very 90s/early 00 that some of my French friends hate. And finally there's not particular order
    Some from the early 90s so maybe it's the memories that made me love them so much. Some are most recent. I'm not that old. (Also musically... I don't look like 27 but more like 47)
  3. Zazie
    I was 9 when my mum offered me her live cd after hearing me singing her song. It was a revelation : I wanted to write lyrics from that moment. She really doesn't have a "big voice" as I said earlier but funny story she's now in The Voice jury. Most famous songs : Zen, Larsen, J'envoie valser, je suis un homme. My personal favorites : chanson d'ami, sur toi, homme sweet homme, je tue ils, j'etais la, aux armes citoyennes
  4. MC Solaar
    My fav rapper. He's more of a poet actually. The texts are incredible. The music also. You may have heard "La belle et le bad boy" in many tv shows (SATC, true blood), his most famous songs in France are Bouge de la, Caroline and Solaar Pleure. Which I love ! But the album I may have listen to the most is "paradisiaque"
  5. Sinclair
    Ok I did have a major crush on him but his music is actually good he really was (still is I believe) the only one who managed to do real funk with good French lyrics. Most famous songs: ensemble and si c'est bon comme ça. My personal favorites: supernova superstar, mon idole, novembre, ca me fait plus mal
  6. Funny story
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    After 8 years without concert he just did a small venue (where I was going in my Pigalle walk list) and so it was the 1st time I actually see him live after being fan for 15 years ! (Because back when we did giant tours I was too young to go 😔)
  7. Mylene Farmer
    She was Madonna before Madonna and don't even get me started on being Gaga before Gaga. She has a real world dark and subversive. In the 80s she was one of the first artist in the world to make real movies as clips. She's the one who sold the most albums or concert tickets without doing any promo. Most famous and favorites: libertines, sans contrefacon (she also just did a duo with sting and was on Fallon last week)
  8. IAM
    Other most popular French rappers from Marseille ! You have to dance Le Mia once in your life.
  9. Izia
    Her 2 first albums were in English and very rock. She has such an energy ! One of the best show i saw. She released her 3rd album this year with lots of change: French and electro and it's still good for me ! (Fun fact she's the daughter of a very famous singer/poet name Jacques Higelin that should also be in the classics category)
  10. Brigitte
    Love this duo they're classy as hell and their songs are so nice. Their voices just are perfect with each other's, between easy listening and pop (fun fact they became famous with a cover of a "trash" rap song that became glamorous and even romantic with them) (check "My Benz" Brigitte and then listen to the original by NTM)
  11. M - Mathieu Chedid
    Maybe France best guitar hero, best song, awesome lyrics too, showman, go check him out !
  12. Other superstars :
    Vanessa Paradis obviously and Stromae who's technically Belgian but his songs are in French so I'll take some credits for his worldwide success
  13. Telephone
    Most famous and best French rock band from the early 80s. They could have been in the classics group actually m
  15. Jacques Brel
    First. I he's not French but from Belgium but I meant French speaking ok ? Leave me alone ? Anyway he's also a poet and a real "interpreter" you can really see him living his songs. To name a (very) few classics: ne me quittes pas, la chanson des vieux amants, les bonbons, la valse a 1000 temps, ces gens là, Jeff
  16. Barbara
    The lady in Black. Such powerful and mostly sad songs. Her most famous is l'aigle noir (the black eagle) which, not many people know that is actually about child abuse. My favorite song is Dis quand reviendras-tu
  17. George Brassens
    A man, a guitar and a mustache. And so many songs, you can recognize his songs in 2 notes. He was my dad favorite so I really grew up listening to it and "les copains d'abord" reminds me of him ("friends first)
  18. Leo Ferre
    Tbh I'm still discovering his work. But there's at least "avec le temps" that everyone know ("with some time")
  19. Serge Gainsbourg
    Trying to play it cool, talking about him randomly in the middle but if you've read some of my lists you already know that I'm a bit obsessed. I could do a list just of my favorites Gainsbourg songs. Also, I'm named after one of his song (Elisa but my parents dropped the E) so I can tell a favorite but I'll try : la chanson de prevert, l'anamour, aux armes etc plus the famous ones.. Just click already
  20. Michel Berger
    Most iconic songwriter and singer from the 70/80s with wife France Gall. My favorite is "evidemment" which is one of the best grieving song ever written. It was written for Balavoine that you should also check out especially his song l'Aziza
  21. Charles Aznavour
    At this point if you don't know him.. There's nothing I can do for you.
  22. Jacques Dutronc
    You loved the master of none intro ? It was "il est 5 heures Paris s'éveille". Check also l'opportuniste, fais pas ci fais pas ca, les playboys Of course you Can't mention him without mentioning Francoise Hardy also their son Thomas could have been in the 1st category
  23. Francis Cabrel
    Again as often in France it's mostly about the lyrics but I'm sure beauty as non language and you may like him too
  24. Jean-Jacques Goldman
    Everyone favorite, he wrote almost every #1 in the 80s and 90s as well as Celine Dion French albums (mostly "D'eux) he has so many songs and they're all very catchy and smart
    French but singing in English or being so cool that they could. Some are a bit annoying or just "oo much" but their songs are catchy
  26. Christine and the queens
    The buzz of the year. She's everywhere (check your favorite shows soundtrack 😉)
  27. Julien Doré
    He's cute and so are his songs
  28. Cocoon
    Famous French duo, check also their acoustic covers of famous hits
  29. Yael Naim
    She's half Israeli and you may know "new soul" from apple's ads. But check all of her albums
  30. Soko :
    You may know her from "I'll kill her" but she doesn't like that song anymore. Her album I though I was an alien helped me more than I could say. Funny story despite her being French I heard from her first for Matthew Grey Gubler ! (FYI she's also a killer actress)
  31. Lilly wood and the pricks
    Also big hit with "prayers in C" (that was remixed this year". Very cool duo, a bit hipsterish but still nice music
    many other people favorites that for some reasons (mostly invalids ones) I don't really like "except for a song or two". Or a whole album or career
  33. Benjamin Biolay
    I can't see his face but can't stop listening to his album La Superbe that really is Superbe. He also wrote Vanessa Paradis last album which is one of her best. Basically I know he's a genius (sing write play all instrument) it just annoys me that people compares him to Gainsbourg
  34. Michel Sardou, Johnny Halliday, Eddie Mitchell
    Biggest and oldest sellers in France. Your mother love them.
  35. Finally just check those French playlists on Apple Music