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  1. @sarahgorman - "just Slytherin things"
    JUST SLYTHERIN THINGS (see also Just gryffondor things) (or all Sarah's lists)
  2. @Olivia - "how to trick everyone into thinking that you're Jewish"
  3. @paigeparker - "The Best Kevin's"
    THE BEST KEVINS (see also the worst Kevin)
  4. @Lynnie - "Ironic lyrics : ironic of not ironic ?"
  5. @LevNovak - "girls I would never want to date and why"
  6. @IamChrisTodd - "things roommates say that we know are lies"
  7. @13spencer - "how you realize some of has unfollowed you on the listapp, and what happens next"
  8. @drugs - "I wish I had wine because"
    https://li.st/l/9b0b7254-b867-4818-966d-cddbc7d35441 (I am French and I approve this message)
  9. @jennyanydots - "Leslie Knope's top intoxicated moments, chronologically"
  10. @nataliarodas - "I totally get it now, mom"
  11. @alyjay - "my aim usernames that I pretend to regret but secretly love"
  12. @sophia - "list app etiquette, 2.0"
    li.st Etiquette, 2.0 (an actual very popular list but a real classic that everyone should read)
  13. @angusisley "Reasons I've hurt people"
    Reasons I've Hurt People so insightful though
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  14. Here's a list I made of all the best bookish lists on here (I still add to it occasionally) BEST BOOKISH LISTS ON THE LIST APP
    Suggested by @bookishclaire